CUTV cover.jpg

website, branding and styleguide

I was asked to develop an entire re-branding package for CUTV, Canada’s oldest campus-based TV station. The package included website mockups, logos, a colour palette, font guidelines, and keyframes for an animated video bumper. The client asked for the design to reference the feeling of creating media that amplifies and empowers movements for social and economic justice. The client wanted to both reference the past while at the same time communicating to the viewer that the station is taking a new approach to meet the needs of 2020. To reference the past I brought in a bold sans-serif font, which called back to CUTV’s original branding, and used a vintage orange hue in the colour palette, something you might see in 70’s and 80’s design trends. I took a lot of inspiration from the visual quality of VHS tapes, how the colors and images tend to distort in a way once the tape has been watched many times. I incorporated a distortion in the logotype to put an emphasis on “TV”, and manipulated the font to appear more organic and malleable. My intention was to give a viewer a sense of nostalgia while also feeling excited and motivated to get involved with this community oriented organization.