i go by andi or andira

my ethos

I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer and artist whose practice revolves around the intersections of design, art and positive social change. Through my work, I am continuously questioning the current establishment of the art and design world. Who’s voices, historically and contemporarily, do we uplift within art institutions? Why is it that the type of work we consider to be capital “D” design or capital “A” art revolves around those from affluent, European backgrounds? With my work I strive to challenge the colonial aspects of art and design and to use my position as a designer to uplift the voices of those who have historically been excluded from the overarching design/art narrative. I firmly believe that design has the power to enact positive social change within both our immediate and extended communities; that as a designer I have a duty to use my skills and resources to subvert the dominant narratives that we have inherited from colonial rule.

my background

I hold a BFA in Design from Concordia University, and a Certificate of Image Arts Specializing in Photography from Ryerson University. I’m currently working as the Art Director for The Breach and as a web manager for Art Volt, while also freelancing and developing my design practice. I occasionally work for/with the social justice oriented design studio LOKI, and in the past have interned at the feminist artist run center La Centrale. I have 5+ years of freelancing experience and over a decade worth of arts-based education under my belt. If you're interested in seeing a more detailed CV, send me an email: andira.hernandez@gmail.com

past exhibitions,
awards &

Apr 2020 - In.finite, online exhibition

Mar 2020 - Unshelved, VAV Gallery

Mar 2020 - Places I’ve Called Home wins Expozine Award for Best English Zine

Feb 2020 - Broken Pencil review for Places I’ve Called Home